Saturday, February 12, 2011

About My Blog

Hi my name is Ashley and I'm starting this blog as a way to give people advice, tips and reviews on fashion and makeup all for relitivley cheap. Lets face it us college kids are on a budget!

Now I know what you may be thinking "*yawn* how is this any different from the bajillion (yes that's a real word) other makeup and clothing blogs out there?!"
Well I'm gonna tell listen real close.....Its simple I'm way cooler than all those other people hahaha. I'll be posting pics and reviews of requested makeup products and clothes as well as some that I just have the overwhelming urge to purchase and try for myself :)

I'll be posting my first review along with pictures over Covergirl Long Lasting Lip Stain after a give it an honest 2 day trial. It was a requested by a good friend of mine Denise and she is ultimatly who put the preverbial nail in the coffin as to my decision about starting this blog!

I hope you all enjoy this and find it helpful
Love and Lipstick