Friday, March 11, 2011

Covergirl Naturelux Foundation

Before I start the review I’m going to tell y’all my foundation story.
First my skin type is fair with pink undertones and it is also very sensitive. I’m prone to breakouts and blackheads on my T-Zone but at the same time my skin can be very dry in those area’s too especially my forhead and around my nose….its basically a lose/ lose situation and a constant battle hahaha.
I have always wanted to wear liquid foundation. I would go to the drugstore (Walgreens, CVS, ect) and pick up the latest and “greatest” in their liquid foundation and I’d be so excited to get home and put it on and see myself with a flawless face like on the commercials. Then when I’d get it home and put it on, 1 of 2 things would happen: It would look orangey and cakey on my skin after a few hours or it would breakout my skin so bad I looked like I had leprosy. So after many times of getting my hopes up, having them brutelly crushed, like when you get socks for Christmas,  and spending countless hard earned dollars I said “screw every drugstore foundation ever birthed by man” and I gave up. I then switched to Bare Minerals (which is a story and review for later).
Then one day I saw a commercial for this foundation, in which Taylor Swift is their spokes person and she is jumping around a lot and looks like shes having a great time. While my Bare Minerals was ok it just wasn’t giving me the coverage I needed so then I thought to myself “hmmm….maybe you should try this, it can’t be that bad if Taylor Swift uses it right?!”.

I went out and bought it at Walgreens and I it was right around $12 (prices may vary) which I thought was a fair price.
I got it home, washed my face and put it on and….OH WOW! It matched my skin tone perfectly! I wore it all day and there was no orangey tint at the end of the day and over-all it looked the same at the end of the day (which is sometimes 3-4 in the morning) as it did when I first applied it.
There were so many things I loved about this foundation. I have to say it is by far the best foundation I’ve ever used including Bare Minerals and that’s saying a lot!
I liked:
1.       It has a light weight “natural” feeling.
2.       Perfect match for my skin tone, which is very difficult.
3.       It’s infused with cucumber and jojoba oil which makes it hydrating on your skin.
4.       The cucumber gives it a fresh smell unlike other foundations that can smell chemically.
5.       It’s easy to blend with just your fingers and isn’t fast drying so there is no streaking.
6.       The packaging is awesome! It has a squeeze tube bottle instead of glass so there is no over spilling and you can get out as much or as little as you want (its also more sanitary).
7.       The foundation has a “dewy” finish which gives you a glow like appearance which is great for my normal to dry skin.

There is literally nothing I disliked about this product! The first week I wore the foundation it did break me out on my forehead and around my mouth but I knew that would happen because my skin does that anytime I change products whether its foundation, powder, moisturizer whatever. After a week of wearing it and letting my skin get used to it my breakouts cleared up and my skin has been no worse for wear since!
The way I apply this foundation is just dabbing a little on each cheek and my forehead and then smoothing it in with my fingers. Then I take a round makeup sponge and smooth it in a little more and pick up any excess product I may have put on. I know some people use a foundation brush to apply foundations but that never worked for me and made me look streaky (its also really unsanitary if you don’t clean your brush everyday). I then apply concealer under my eyes and apply Bare Mineral’s “Mineral Veil” over it. It looks great and doesn’t need touch-ups throughout the day.

Here is a swatch of the color on the back of my hand.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I will most surely repurchase it! I can’t say enough great things about this foundation. I would recommend it for anyone who has sensitive skin or anyone who just wants a light natural looking foundation.
Go out and buy it NOW!!!!
Love and Lipstick

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