Sunday, March 20, 2011

Covergirl Naturelux Lip Gloss/Balm

Let me first explain what a “gloss/balm” is. According to Covergirl this product is supposed to give you the moisturizing effect of a lip balm and also the shine of a gloss.
I’m kinda picky as to what I put on my lips because I get chapped lips pretty easily. The only lip balm I will use is Burt’s Bees and the only brands of lipstick I will wear are MAC and Revlon, but since this product is the same line as the foundation I bought I thought I would give it a go.

Like I said I bought this at the same time as the Naturelux foundation and I think it was about $5/$6
I thought this was a great lip product! There are lots of things I love about it:
1.       Its not sticky like most lip glosses
2.       It’s really light weight and doesn’t feel at all heavy on your lips like some lipsticks (Rimmel).
3.       It has a glossy shine but its not overly shiny
4.       You can build the coverage if you want it light or darker.
5.        It’s pretty well pigmented and lasts though out the day, even pretty well through eating and drinking.
Even though I really enjoyed this product there were a couple things I didn’t like about it:
1.       It tastes a little strange when you first put it on.
2.       Though it claims to be a “balm” its not as hydrating as I would like.

 This is what it looks like on bare lips. (only one coat)

While this product looks GREAT alone I really like to wear this gloss/balm over my Revlon “Are You Red-y” lipstick (love this lipstick), it really adds and extra pow to that and makes it look smooth.  It comes in a variety of colors for literally every skin tone, I think the pink and peachy colors are really pretty and I might buy them at a later date.
Great product, I would definitely recommend over the Covergirl Lipstain.  I would highly suggest you give it a try. J
Love and Lipstick

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