Thursday, March 10, 2011

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain Review

A good friend of mine requested that I do this review. Sorry its taken so long to put up.

I bought the Covergirl Outlast Lipstain about a month go from Target and prices will vary depending on where you live and where you get it but I think I bought mine for about $9. I think that is a little expensive but I decided to try it anyway.

Honestly I don't really have too many good things to say about this product at all. It only has 3 things that I liked about it.

1. It has a great light weight feeling
2. It is very long lasting. (True to its word)
3. Not sticky like gloss or lipstick.

This lipstain had A LOT of things that I didn't like about it!

1. Its drying on your lips
2. It takes many applications to get a "full" coverage on your lips
3. The applicator "sponge tip" is really tricky to use and you have to hold it at a weird angle to get it to work.
4. It smells weird when you first put it on and the smell stays with you for a while
5. I feel like its kind of pricey for a drugstore product.

 Now in its defence, it doesn't claim to be a lipstick so if you are wanting a full coverage "lipstick" look from this then don't waste your money. If your looking for an amped up version of your natural lips then maybe one of the lighter shades might work for you, but over all I thought this product was crap!I HATE IT!!  I will never repurchase this!

I hope this has helped anyone who was thinking of buying it and I hope I've saved y'all some money!
Until next time
Love and Lipstick :)

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