Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lorac Special Effects Mascara

Ok so there is a story behind this mascara (isn't there always a story with my makeup products?). So sit back and pop some popcorn and lets begin.

As ya'll may know I was using the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara for a while and I was really loving it, however it dries out really fast. I went to Ulta and browsed there bazillion brands of mascara and the Ulta lady (who wore way to much eyeliner for my taste) finally sold me on the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara which set me back a wallet breaking $22! I got it home and put it on and HATED IT!! So me being the sneaky person I am I took it back the next day, told them I got it on accident and that it was unopened, and that I just wanted to exchange it for something else, bad I know, (sharing mascara even only once can transfer bacteria from your eye to theirs and can cause eye infections so DON'T DO IT) so now some unwitting fool has my eye germs but I wasn't about to throw $20 in the trash.

As I walked around once again to find the "perfect mascara" I came across this and noticed it was a 2 step formula, and since my beloved L'Oreal is 2 step I figured I would give it a go. This mascara retailed at $20.

This is the step one which is the primer and instead of it being white like my L'Oreal it is a pearly grey color. The brush is one of those plastic combes and is really flexible, almost too much. Also according to Lorac you can wear this primer at night to help you lashes from breaking and to condition them but I never did.

Here is the step 2 which is the mascara of coarse. The brush on this is also a plastic comb the same as with the primer. It is a very dark black that is really shiney!

So I have to be honest, I really hated this mascara and here is why:

1. The comb brush HURTS! I've encountered many comb brushes in my day but this one is down right terrible. You can barely put it on your lash line and it feels like its scraping your skin off lol

2. The comb brush is way to flexible, putting it back in the tube is difficult and often times messy.

3. Both the Primer and Mascara are really "wet" which means they take literally forever and a day to dry, which also means it is proned to smearing and coming off on your clothes.

4. It runs really easily, I swear if even the threat of a tear is present this stuff is running into your eyes and down your cheeks before you can blink.

5. It burned my poor eye balls. Since it runs so easily its bound to get into your eyes and let me warn you it's going to feel like someone is burning your poor little eye balls right out of your head.

6. Both the primer and mascara make your lashes look "spidery". No matter how you put this on be prepared for your lashes to look clumpy and thin. Although I did discover you have to let the primer fully dry before applying mascara but since it takes forever to dry.....*sigh*

7. The price is outrageous for such and awful product!

Even though I disliked so many things there were a few bright spots in the darkness:
1. It is VERY dark which I love

2. Even though it is a 2 step mascara my lashes didn't feel stiff or hard like they sometimes did with my L'Oreal

3. I really enjoy the packaging haha.

Needless to say I quit using this mascara, the final straw for me came when we were out of town and it was hot and sweaty and this mascara was running into my eyes!
This mascara is crap, crap, crap CRAP!!!
I'm onto a different mascara now which I will put a review up soon, but so far my all time favorite cheap mascara is still the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes.

Anyway I hope this helped anyone out that was thinking of buying this, just don't do it!

Love, Lipstick and Mascara free eyes

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