Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Makeup Before and After (How to get a Flawless Face)

My lovely aunt Charla volunteered to help me out with this one. Charla doesn't really wear that much makeup so I gave her a (in her words) "smokin' hot makeover" haha

I'm also going to give you guys some tips and tricks for getting a "flawless face"

Here is her before picture:

And here is a list of the products I used:
Tarte Clean Slate Primer
Tarte Tinted Moisturizer
Nyx Creme blush in Boho Chic
Sephora Concealer Quad
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer
Urban Decay Primer Potion (depotted)
HIP Gel Eyeliner in Brown
A Brown eye shadow
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

As I said she doesn't really wear much makeup and this was actually a lot for her but she said "make me look like a sex goddess" haha

First and for most:

Apply any type of moisturizer and then a foundation primer
I used Tarte Clean Slate Primer.

She has a really great complextion as far as reddness and acne goes but she does have some pock marks and scarring on her face. It is really important when you have those kinds of things that you DO NOT use a heavy liquid foundation. The liquid foundation will set into any lines, wrinkles, or marks on your face and actually define them!
A tinted moisturizer helps even out her skin tone and it will also help with any dry patches.

I used the Sephora concealer quad to hid her dark circles and then I used the Revlon Photo Ready to conceal around her nose and mouth. Most women get hormonally red around the nose mouth and sometimes (like in my case) on your forhead between the eye brows so its very important to apply a little concealer to these areas. It's also important to use a creamy almost butter like concealer instead of a liquid in these areas so it won't sink into the lines under your eyes or around your mouth.

As a highlighter I used a pearly white eye shadow on her cheek bones and bridge of her nose. A highlighter (like the name suggests haha) highlights areas of your face where the sun hits. It's best to use a creamy flesh toned almost white pearly shadow but if you don't have that you can use just a regular pearly shadow, but make sure its anything that is going to reflect the light. This is going to give you a healthy "glow" and give you a dewy looking finish.

Set everything with a loose translucant powder I used Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. I apply this with the Bare Minerals Kabuki Brush for a more even coverage.


I applied a lid primer from Urban Decay. A lid primer will keep your eye shadow from creasing, smearing or running and help it to last all day and with this summer heat you need it!
Then I applied a chocolate brown shadow on her lids from her lash line to her crease and applied a little more to the outer corners of her eyes. If you have eyes that are set closer together you will want to apply shadow  darkest on the middle to outer corners of your eyes and if your eyes are farther set apart apply the shadow darkest from your inner corners and feather it out.

Next I applied the gel eyeliner on her top lashline with an angled brush, its really important if you have wrinkles on your eyes to apply a very thin line right on the lash line. If you apply a thicker line it is going to run into your wrinkles and actually make you look older.
If you take nothing else out of this blog as least take what I am about to tell you: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, make sure you set any kind of eyeliner whether it be gel, liquid or pencil with an eye shadow of the same shade. It is SOO important you do this or else your eyeliner is only going to last like 5 min.

To finish everything off I applied mascara

Ok so here is her after photos :)

 She said "Oh man...I don't even look like myself" haha I think that is a compliment!

I also taught her some tips and tricks for doing this in the morning really fast and quick which she liked.
I hope that I have also given you guys some tips and tricks for getting a flawless face.

Love and Lipstick

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