Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After years of searching far and wide and spending I don’t even want to know how much money I think I have FINALLY found the best foundation (for my skin anyway).

Drum roll please……

TaDah! It’s the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation!
I found out about this foundation from watching YouTube videos and a lot of women love this brand.
My lovely grandmother bought this for me when we went on our Family Reunion to New Orleans. We got it from the Saks Fifth Avenue store by our hotel (which was like I died and went to makeup heaven) but I also know Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, and even some Sephora stores carry the brand. Sadley we have none of those stores where I live L but you can also go online to—
However before going online I would recommend going to a makeup counter in your area and having them match your skin tone with a foundation that is “similar” to the Laura Mercier. I had the makeup artist at Saks match me and that really helped since they have a lot of shades to choose from. I am the shade “Blush Ivory” because I have warm or pink undertones to my skin
This foundation, and any product from high end beauty supply stores, is going to set you back! I am pretty sure we bought this for about $40. Which I know, I know sounds like A LOT of money (well it is a lot of money) but
1. I didn’t have to pay for it and
2. This foundation is way worth it so let me explain.
Laura Mercier Cosmetics was created in 1996 by…well Laura Mercier duh! And her claim to fame is perfecting the “flawless natural face”. She believes there are 4 steps to a flawless face: Prime with a face primer (which I also swear by), Apply Foundation, Conceal imperfections and Set with powder. Now of coarse she wants you to use all of her products but…psh…that stuff is freaking expensive, however I do believe in all her steps to getting a flawless face.
All her foundations come in 2 formulas, the oil-free which obviously is for oily or acne prone skin and the regular formula which is good for dry/normal skin. I picked up the oil-free version because as ya’ll know I have acne proned skin and pores that clog easily.
Now on to why I really love this foundation….
I love the packaging of this because it comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump top.

I also love the formulation of this foundation, it isn’t heavy or cakey and goes on very smoothly.
It is very buildable and provides great coverage and it doesn’t have a weird smell like some foundations.
I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it hasn’t made me break out or clogged my pores.
The texture is awesome because it isn’t thick, it’s almost watery which makes blending really easy.
A little goes a long way! That is the only way I could justify spending that much is because literally it only takes 1 pump of this foundation to cover my whole face.
The finish is a dewey glow which makes your skin look healthy and natural looking.
It lasts all day with no touch ups needed (awesome!)

Now here is how I apply this foundation- I prime my face (duh), then on the back of my hand I apply 2-3 drops of Benefit’s High Beam (review up tomorrow) and one pump of Laura, I  mix that together. Then with my pointer finger I dab it into the foundation mixture and dot it on my face, usually 4 dots on my cheeks, 3 on my forhead and 1 on my nose and chin. Then blend those with your fingers all long your face and neck (never forget your neck). Next, this is important if you have dry skin which I do on my t-zone, with a damp makeup sponge take what is left of the foundation on your hand and apply it under your eyes, on your t-zone or any other places that tend to get red and smooth the rest of the foundation out. This step is very important because this will keep your makeup from looking cakey or dry and will give you an air-brushed finish. Then conceal, set, and I apply more High Beam on my cheek bones ( I love this product).
I really have nothing bad to say about this foundation except for the fact that it doesn’t have any sunscreen in it, but that is ok because my moisturizer does. I love this foundation and I love this brand, if you want a great long lasting foundation that won’t clog your pores I would most certanly get this! I know it’s expensive but in my opinion it is way worth it!
Hope you have a great Wednesday!
Love, Lipstick, and awesome foundations!

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