Monday, July 11, 2011

How To Hide A Bruise

Thanks to my friend Tory I was inspired to write this blog. Poor Tory was wrestling with her 2 year old son and got a black eye, so I came to the rescue.

I know not all of us get a black eye wrestling with a 2 year old but we do all get bruises from time to time whether its on your arms, face, legs (which is where I bruise the most) or wherever. Today I'm going to teach you how to effectivly cover up those babies so it doesn't look like your a domestic violence victim (domestic violence is very serious and very sad I'm not trying to make light of it).

So without further ado here we go....

What you will need is:

Foundation-I'm using my trusty Laura Mercier in Blush Ivory ($38)

Concealer- 2 kinds a yellow or beigy one, I recommend Physician's Formula ($?) but I'm using the Sephora Concealer quad's beige ($10). And a flesh toned one, I recommend Revlon Photo Ready Concealer ($7), Maybelliene 24 Hour Super Stay Concealer ($10), or Boi-ing by Benefit (what I'm using $24)

Setting Powder- I'm using Almay Wake Up Hydrating Powder in Ivory ($10)

The only bruises I get are on my legs so that's why it looks a little weird lol This is what my bare un-concealed bruise looks like, and this is after its been healing for about 4 days :/

First, apply foundation as you would normally, you will want to use one preferally with a golden or beigey undertone. This helps conceal redness and blue-ish tones like bruises and also gives you a better "foundation" to work with.
Here is how my bruise looked after just applying foundation.

Already it is less noticable.

Next, with your ring finger so that you don't apply too much pressure, gently tap a small amount of the yellow or beige concealer onto the bruise. Yellow is across the color wheel from blue there for it cancels it out, that is why you want to use yellow to conceal bruising and undereye circles. Remember a little goes a  LONG way! Then with your flesh toned concealer pat that on top and around the bruise in a circular motion making sure to compleatly blend it in with your skin.

Last, but definitly not least, apply a pressed powder all over everything to set it. As for drug store products I'm really loving the Almay Wake Up Hydrating Powder because I have dry skin, but my dream powder that I don't want to fork over the money for is the Makeup Forever HD Powder!

I use a bamboo bronzer brush to apply it that way it doesn't look "cakey".

And now here is what my bruise looks like after!

It is WAY LESS noticable and pretty much invisible! I didn't use as much product as I would on my face because I'm not going to waste a lot of product on my leg haha but even with only a slight amount that is the power of good makeup!

I hope this helps anyone with an ugly bruise!
Love Lipstick and yellow concealer

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