Thursday, July 21, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Shadow Palette-Has Anyone Tried It?

Here lately in the makeup community I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Urban Decay's "Naked" eye shadow palette.
I don't normally wear a whole lot of eye shadow because I'm one of the freaks that thinks if your going to wear a colored eye shadow then your clothes had better match haha. So the only shadow I wear on a daily basis is a fleshed toned shadow all over my lid and then a light brown in my crease, then of coarse my layers of black shadow and eyeliner.

Like I said this palette is from Urban Decay (which means its not cheap- $48) and It's mainly just a bunch of nude, beige, cream and brown colored shadows which are great for a more natural or "naked" look.

Here is what the palette looks like:
Now I would totally use 98% of the colors in the set the only 2 I'm not so sure about are the green and the light blue at the end. I'm not a forest elf or a hooker thanks on those but I think the rest of the colors are beautiful and I would use them on a daily basis. The good thing about these shadows also is I think they would also be great for filling in your eyebrows so its kinda like a 2 in 1 (we all know I love those).

I wanna know what y'all think! Has anyone tried it? If so tell me if it's worth it.
Hope you all have a great Thursday :)

Love, Lipstick and Eye Shadow

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