Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High Heels-Pretty Ankle Death Traps!

I don't know how celebrities do it... no I don't mean fame, fourtune and everything that goes with it, I mean I don't know how those women walk around in ankle breaking stilettos all day.
Here is a picture of Christina Aguilera wearing Christian Louboutin.

In my opinion Christian Louboutin makes some of the most beautiful (and expensive) shoes known to man, but those babies are TALL! It seriouslty confuses me how these women do it....and here is a picture of (my idol) Lady Gaga wearing some SERIOUSLY TALL shoes!

I mean come on, those shoes have got to be killing her by the end of the day. You know these poor women must go home after a long day of wearing shoes like that and just soak their feet for an hour, and not to mention what their feet are going to look like in 30 years...ew.....

Now I have always had a love for everything shoes, I'm a girl so duh, but even though I love heels I don't think the pain of wearing them is worth their hefty price tag.
However my boyfriend Scott and I's 2 year anniversary was Sunday and I was determined to look hot, hot, hot. I wanted a sexy black dress and some statement making shoes so like any smart women I started with the shoes and figured the rest would come together after that haha. I went to Dillards and was looking in the Jessica Simpson section of the high heel department (because she makes the best affordable heels) and there they were....a pair of electric blue 6 inch stilettos! I had to have them! So as soon as I recovered from sticker shock, they were $96, I walked over to the cash register and proceeded to hand over the money knowing all too well the guilt I would feel in about an hour. I kept telling myself that they were worth and that Scott would love them and plus they made me TALL, I'm normally about 5'1 but these babies make me about 5'7 which is a nice change of pace haha.

At this point I had 2 weeks to break them in and learn how to walk in them properly, with the help of my mom and sister I acheived this.
Then the day came that I had bought them for..our anniversary...I was a little nervous about wearing them all night but I just pushed those feelings aside and would deal with them later.

Here is a picture of my outfit and a nice picture of Scott and I

I was pretty good for most of the early evening, which consisted of dinner and a movie but it was the late night trip to walmart that put the cork in the bottle for my heel wearing adventure. In the parking lot of walmart a nearly broke my ankle when, from that moment on I was done! Jessica Simpson and her expensive shoes could go to hell and I walked around Walmart in my bare feet! When we got back to the hotel I soaked my poor feet in the bath tub and Scott gave me a foot massage (what a nice boyfriend).

While high heels are pretty, my feet hurt like a mother after only about 7 hours in them. Like I said before I have no idea how actresses walk in them all day or how pop stars can sing and dance while balanced on little sticks.
I think I will just stick to my flats thank you very much! haha

Love, Lipstick, and Painful Ankles

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