Friday, July 22, 2011

Makeup of the Day-Blue Eyeliner

Tired of your everyday makeup routine? Want to add a pop of color to your otherwise boring makeup? Well the easiest and fastest way to acheive this is with colored eyeliner! Colored eyeliner is really great for summer and adds a fun pop of color to your eyes. The hottest shades of eyeliner are purple (which looks good on ALL skin tones), teal and blue.

You can buy colored eyeliner from nearly any makeup counter and for every price from really cheap NYC brands or the more high end Urban Decay! I love Urban Decay eye pencils but I think spending $20 on a product  I'm only going to use 2-3 times a month is a little much, so I opted for the $2.00 NYC!
However the Urban Decay pencils are WAY more pigmented and you don't really need to go over them with a shadow but I like mixing pencil and shadow so it's whatever is your preference!

Here is what the UD ones look like...
And here is what the NYC one that I have looks like...

To apply this just line your water line and outer rim of just your lower lid or just your top lid,  for a more "pow" pop of color wing out the liner on the top. I decided just to line bottom lid today.

Then over the liner I applied 2 different shades of eye shadow- a bright teal and a navy blue
Here is what it looks like after the shadow...

Hope this has inspired many of you to try this :) I think a deep purple will look great in the fall. Have a great friday everyone (or what's left of it).

Love Lipstick and Bright Eyelids

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