Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Chairs at My Doctors Office

I had a pretty crazy day today (and it's not even over yet)..

-Went and got blood work drawn at the crack of dawn
-Had a doctor's appointment
-Had to go back to the blood lab because they didn't draw everything they were supposed to.

Like I said I had to go get blood work drawn this morning at 9 and then I had a doctors appointment a 1:45. (You can bet your sweet behind I went home and went back to sleep this morning haha) Anyway I walked in the doctors office and I noticed these AWESOME chairs they had in the waiting room!

You can barely see them in the picture but they are just like normal dining room chairs only they are clear plastic and I LOVE THEM!! I think they are so fun and when I get my own house I will be on the hunt for some.
Also while I was sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like 5 hours I noticed their couch and chair cushions and I really like these too!!
The poor lady at the front desk probably thinks I'm a freak for taking pictures of thier office furniture but I really liked all of it! I would totally put those cushions in my future house haha

Anyway incase any of you are wondering, my doctors appointment went fine, I've gained 8 pounds in nearly 3 months :/ but thats ok. I'm going to have to see a dermatologist about the weird acne on my chest and face and I'm actually really excited about that! Also...ATTENTION RANT FIXING TO HAPPEN...I had to go back to my lab this afternoon because these fools didn't draw my blood work right the first time! I was a little annoyed at having to get stuck with a needle twice in one day but I did meet the nicest lady while I was waiting so I guess that was a plus!

I had a pretty busy day i was on the go from about 10 until 4:45 when I'm writing this so I'm ready to lay down hahaha

Hope you all had a less busy Thusday!
Love Lipstick and Couch Cushions

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