Monday, July 25, 2011

Moulin Rouge Party aka, How To Dress Like A Hooker.

Scott, my friends Kim and Colton and I all got invited to a Moulin Rouge themed party on Saturday at our friend Lilli's house.
Now if none of you have seen that movie (which is excellent by the way), here is what the jist of their costumes look like:
(this is a photo from the music video which you can watch here:

They basically look like hookers..... So going along with that theme here is what we looked like.

Our makeup:
I did a dark smokey eye on both me and Kim with winged eyeliner. I wore revlon's "Are You Red-y" lipstick on my lips $6 Walgreens)

I'll have a tutorial on the makeup up on my Youtube channel probably at the end of the week.

Our Outfits:
The Ladies-
Kim wore a red "saloon girl" type skirt (?) with lace up corset top ($15), fish nets ($5 Hot Topic) and red heels (?)
I wore a black lace up dress with a tool skirt ($30 at a costume store 3 years ago), fish nets ($5 Hot Topic), lace gloves ($2 Hot Topic), my blue heels ($96 Dillards) and my tiny top hat (which I got at a costume store a few years ago for $20)

The Gentalmen-
Scott basically wore the same thing as he did for our anniversary which was black pants  Black pin striped vest (borrowed from a friend) a white button down shirt and a tie.
Colton wore the same thing only in blue. He bought his whole outifit at Burlington Coat Factory.

I LOVE themed parties and this party was so fun! I love getting dressed up in fun outfits and fun makeup.

Here is what everyone looked like at the party:

Like I said this was so much fun, this would be a great party for any occasion (as long as little kids aren't invited haha)
Hope this inspires you to throw a fun themed party of your own!!

Love. Lipstick, and Fish Nets

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