Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Best Lip Products I've EVER Bought!

My friend Felicia was in town a few weeks ago and of coarse we did what girls do best...we went shopping! We were at CVS and looking at the N.Y.C. brand of cosmetics and I noticed they had their lipstains and glosses on sale (score!) As you know I was not a fan of the Maybellien lipstains but for $2 I was willing to give this brand a go.
 So instead of buying my usual pinks and reds I decided to go out on a limb and buy 2 maroon colors.

I wear the gloss over the stain, if I wear the stain alone it looks kind of flat. Together these 2 products literally last ALL DAY.
I like the stain because unlike the Maybelliene brand this doesn't dry weird on your lips or hav a funny smell. I also think it last a lot longer!

This lipgloss is the best I've used in a long time! I usually don't wear lipgloss because I hate the way it makes my lips feel and I hate when it is really sticky and my hair gets stuck in it (yuck), but this lipgloss....oh man....it's not sticky, or greasy or anything and it LASTS (which is unusual for a lipgloss). The only weird thing about it is that the applicator is completley straight! I thought that was weird but..whatever hahaha

Here is what just the stain looks like on my lips...

See it's just kind of flat with no real demension to it at all but....when I put the gloss over it....

It looks AMAZING!!
I also think the gloss helps to smooth out the stain a little and make it look more even.

Like I said I bought these on sale but regularly they aren't that expensive, at around $3-$4 a peice! These are litterally the best lip products out there in my opinion (besides the NYX Matte lipcreme) and now I want every color! haha
I hope you try these and like them as much as I do!

Also check out my video review and demo on my channel:

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