Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Says Your Not Beautiful?

I just want to let all you girls out there matter what anyone tells you, you ARE BEAUTIFUL!!
I know there is a lot of pressure out there to be "perfect" but you are perfect just the way you are!
Don't ever let anyone ever tell you that you aren't worth anything or aren't smart, or pretty because you are as pretty as you believe you are.

Every day we get all kinds of negative comments telling us that we aren't thin enough, or tall enough, or small enough, or pretty enough, or smart enought, or funny enough, or creative enought....but at the end of the day the only person at that has to be happy with themselves is you! Other people's opinions don't really matter! If you try to change and become something your not I can gurantee that you are not going to be happy. As long as you look in the mirror every day and smile and are happy with what you see...then that is all that matters!

 God made you the way you are and he wants to look down on you and see you exactly how he created you and not any other way! He made you beautiful just the way you are!

Here is a song that I think really speaks to young women and girls about being yourself!

Just have faith in yourself and you can do anything you set your mind too! Don't let other people tell you that you can't! Follow your heart and follow your dreams and anything is possible.
Don't ever let anyone bring you down!
Just remember you ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

Love and Lipstick

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