Thursday, October 20, 2011

L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara

Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm a serious mascara really....I have a problem! I am constantly on the serch for "the best" mascara!

I heard about this new one from L'Oreal (aka drugstore mascara gods) and snatched it up faster than Whitney Houston picks up her crack pipe.

It cost me $10 at Walgreens
I seriously think this is the best drugstore mascara EVER! With only one coat it makes my lashes look long and full and will the 3 coats I wear they look AMAZING!

The brush is almost triangle shaped with thick brushes at the base and thinner tapered bristles at the end. The thin bristles make it a lot easier to get into the corners of your eyes and your tiny lower lashes!

I love, love, love this stuff! And for only $10 you can't beat it!

Love, Lipstick, and Long Lashes!


  1. I know nothing about mascara but I liked the insight.

  2. That was NOT at all funny about Whitney Houston and the crack pipe. I don't find that very amusing.Imagine if your mother was on crack? That's a serious issue, not something to make fun about.

  3. oh trolls ^^ you make me giggle!

  4. troll? you're the one that's mad, you seem like the troll freckles :) Be happy i'm actually giving your blog some attention, seems like you're lacking alot of it. 2 comments? yeah exactly.