Friday, May 20, 2011

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer Review

Now you may be thinking to yourself  "what the heck is primer and why do I need that" well let me explain: your face is like a canvas and when you are going to paint something you always paint a primer coat first to make the actual color go on evenly and stay on right? Well that is exactly what a primer does for your face, you put it on after moisturizer and before foundation to make your skin smooth and make your foundation stay on through out the day. It doesn't take much, a little goes a long way.

That being said I have never used a primer, in the 7 odd years since I've been wearing makeup, the only thing that really prompted this purchase was the fact that I watch a lot of makeup tutorials on Youtube. Most of them say you "have to use a primer before foundation or else you don't know crap about makeup" (ok maybe they didn't say that last part). So I thought to myself  "hey I think I'll try that out and see what happens" so I skipped on down to Walmart cause I had heard that their Hard Candy line was pretty good and pretty cheap (win).

So I picked up this little darling for about $6 or so, it was roughly a month ago so I can't really rememeber. I have been using it everyday under my Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer and first and for most let me say..... I HATE THIS PRODUCT!! Now with that out of my system there are a couple things I do like about it-

1. Its SPF 15 so thats good but my moisturizer is SPF 15 and my Tarte is also SPF 20 so I think I'm good on sunscreen haha.
2. It does make your skin really smooth and fresh feeling
3. It really does make your makeup stay on and now I can't live without a primer.
4. It really well packaged, as you know I love squeeze top packaging.
5. The price is great if it works for your skin.

Now on to the things I hate (which are pretty big things)
1. It smells a little weird.
2. It made my skin break out BAD! My forhead is compleatly broken out and around my mouth has some serious issues and the breakouts are really red, irritated, and painful.
3. My blackheads have increase from just being bad on my t-zone to now they are bad EVERYWHERE.

I thought my skin was just breaking out because it is a new product and it does that and that it would go away after it got used to it, but 3 freaking weeks later my face is still popping up little presents every morning :(. As you know I'm a freak when it comes to my skin and I'm kinda insecure about it and this definitly did not help matters!!
Needless to say I will never repurchase this product and I will probably never use anything else from Hard Candy.

I did go out today and  buy a primer from Tarte Cosmetics which I think will work much better since their products are mostly natural and my skin really agrees with their tinted moisturizer. I'll do a review on it after I use it for a few weeks.

I hope that saved some of you some money, time and definatly saved your face from horrible breakouts!!
Have a wonderful acne free day :)
Love and Lipstick

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Ill steer clear of that brand!