Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When you fall asleep with your makeup on....

Last night I did the unthinkable (dun, dun, dun) I fell asleep with my makeup on! I absolutley HATE doing that but sometimes your just so tired or so lazy that you really don't give a crap, I hear you ladies I know how you feel.
I'm going to give you the inside scoop on what I use to clean my face and I how I prevent breakouts while not breaking the bank :)

My skin is really moody, It's dry one day and oily the next and combo after that, so I have to be really picky when it comes to what I put on my face. Also it is really important that once I find something that works I stick with it and try not to add any products with fragrance or lots of chemicals or thats when my skin gets confused and decides it will put a zit the size of the empire state building on my forhead.

I almost religiously wash my face every night before bed and every morning before I put my makeup on so lets start with my nightly routine.

At night is when your skin can take a back seat from all the wind and dirt and makeup it's had on it all day and just relax and repair itself, so I think its very important to take extra good care of your skin at night. Since my skin is so sensitive I can't really use any type of makeup removers because they usually either break me out or dry my skin out so to take my makeup off I use the Dove Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Beauty Bar which is usually about $2 from Walgreens. Since its a bar soap it will last FOREVER!!! I just wet my face, lather it in my hands and rub it in small circles over my whole face and neck to remove any makeup paying special attention to all that eyeliner I put on my eyes every day. Then rinse.

Next I use an Apricot Scrub to remove any dead skin, dirt, oil or any makeup left on my face. I used the St. Ives brand for years but their stuff is pretty dang expensive in my opinion, its about $6 or so a tube which is outrageous. The Target brand which is called "Up and Up" is about $2 a tube and I think the Salicilic Acid in it (for breakouts and blackheads) is a lot more concentrated than St. Ives because I can actually feel it tingling on my skin. Also I think the texture is much grittier than St. Ives which will really clean the dead skin off your face.

So while my face is still wet I squeeze a little bigger than a dime size amout of the scrub into my hand and swirl it all around my face especially in the creases of my nose and my forhead but avoiding my eyes. Then this is where I think I do things a little differently, I let the scrub sit on my face for about 2-3 min so that it can really get down in the pores (its usually when I'm brushing my teeth). Then after the 2-3 min I rinse my face with warm water a couple times and then rinse the rest off with cold water. The cold water seals your pores and helps with redness. Then I dry my face.

Next, since I have acne prone skin, I use a prescription gel called Clindamycin Gel. It's just a clear gel that goes on your skin to fight the bacteria that cause pimples and seriously once I started using this I noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of pimples I was getting (which is almost none). It doesn't really help a whole lot with blackheads but I have noticed in the year or so that I've been using it that the number of my blackheads has gone down. I don't really know how much this costs because it is covered by my insurance but I'm sure if you go to a dermatologist they can tell you if this gel is right for you.

Then (a lot of steps I know) after the gel dries I apply a small amount of Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer  to my whole face and neck, never forget your neck! This is one of the few really expensive products I use on my face but I think a good complexion is worth the $15 your going to spend on this moisturizer. Its made with active soy proteins that help your skin stay smooth and keep away wrinkles (win,win).

 Then off to bed!

8-9 Hours later.....

My morning routine is much Much simpler. All I do in the morning is wash my face again with the Dove Bar dry my face and then re-apply the Aveeno. Then my face is ready for makeup haha

Now when I sleep with my makeup on I usually follow my night time routine in the morning except for the Clindamycin gel.
I hope this has helped anyone who sleeps with their makeup on (you know we all do it haha)

Have a great skin day!
Love and Lipstick

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