Sunday, August 21, 2011

Come To School With Me

This week at Milan we learned how to do "home made facials", which is we only used natural ingredients in all our facials.

It was pretty funny and pretty messy! Here is a full ingrediant list of everything we used and how they work:

First we did a Cheerio, Honey and Lemon Juice facial and what you need to do is:
In a blender, frind 1 cup of Cheerios into a fine powder (some chunks remaining is ok).
In a bowl mix powdered Cheerios, Honey and Lemon Juice (real or concentrate) until it forms a thick paste.
Apply and let dry for about 10 min then rinse with warm water.
This mixture absorbs oil, cleanses pores and moisturizes the skin.

Next we did Tidy-Cat Litter facials. I know, I know this sounds really gross but actually the clay in cat litter acts just like a clay mask. Whuch helps exfoliate the skin and detoxifies pores.
Mix about 1 cup of cat litter with enough water to make a muddy paste.
Apply to the face and let sit for 20 min or until fully dry. It will be a grayish green color when it's dry.
Gently scrub face with a warm towel and then rinse with warm water.
This one was really weird but afterwards my face actually felt smoother and my pores looked tighter...hmm...who would've thought

Then we did a Honey and Oatmeal mask:
Mix 1 cup of dry oats with enough honey to form a thick but spreadable paste.
If it's too thick you may have to add a few drops of water.
Apply to the face and let sit for 10 min.
Rinse with warm water.
This draws oils from the skin and helps moisturize.

Finally we did an Apple Sauce facial:
For this one all you need is any run of the mill apple sauce.
Apply to the face and let sit for 30 min
Rinse with warm water
Apple sauce helps moisturize the skin and also helps with any discoloration

This was really fun and interesting! I even think I would do some of what we learned at home (not the cat litter haha)
I'm going to have a video up of everything we did on my YouTube channel

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone!
Love, Lipstick and Facials

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