Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Tuesday! You Know What That Means!

Sorry I haven't been posting that much this week but I have been CRAZY busy and other than that I've been trying to catch up on my sleep haha.

Cosmetology school has been amazing this week! We learned how to cut hair which was scary and fun all at the same time. I learned how to cut a blunt cut, a forward and backward blunt cut, the 45 degree angle cut and the 180 degree cut which is also called "long layers".
Friday was so tiring because we had to shampoo our manikins, perfect 4 different cuts (which I cut perfectly each time) and round brush and blow dry each time! We were on our feet literally from 9 in the morning until 6:30 but it was fun.
When I'm cutting hair I kinda go into this "zone" where I don't really hear anyone talking to me or anything I'm just focused on the hair, Kristin had to yell at me to get my attention at one point!

Other than that I've been pretty boring....however since it is Tuesday you know what that means!
VIDEO TUESDAY!!! I just now loaded a new video on my channel (and now on here), its a quick back to school morning makeup look! Here is a list of the products I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Ulta Eye Shadow Palette
HIP Creme Liner in Brown
Wet n' Wild Pencil Liner in Dark Brown
Dior Show Mascara
Revlon Lipstick in Fuschia
Nyx Matte Lip Cremes in Addis Ababa

I hope you enjoy this video and have a great Tuesday! If you have any questions or comments let me know!
Love and Lipstick

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