Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cowboy+The Wendy's Girl=Outifit of the Day

As the title suggests I felt like dressing in an odd mixture today! Let me explain....

First my hair, whenever I get my hair dyed I don't really like to wash it for at least 3 days to let the dye "set". So basically all I did to it was I braided the under layers of my hair and left the top layer wavy like so....

It kinda looked like the Wendy's ad since I have really red hair haha. If think I should do an instructive video on this let me know :)

Next my makeup:
I have a sparkly champagne shadow from Ulta all over my lid and then a light brown shadow also from Ulta on my crease. Then I did a pretty heavy winged liner with Maybelline gel liner in "blackest black" ($10) and Nyx eye shadow in "black" ($6). As for mascara I'm using a really cheap and crappy mascara by Maybelline because I'm waiting for the new MAC mascara to come out on August 25th (I'll tell you more about it tomorrow).

As for my whole outfit:

Transformers Tee: JC Penny's ($5 on sale), I will have a "how-to cut your shirt into a tank top" video up soon
Shorts: Target ($15)
Boots: Rocket Dog ($50ish)
Bow Ring: Rue 21 ($12)
Lock Necklace: ($16 on sale)
Feather Necklace: Urban Outfitters ($20)

The cowboy aspect
That's really it! I really like this outfit and since its hotter than heck here its really cool and comfortable!

Happy Sunday everyone, stay cool and pray for rain :)
Love, Lipstick, and Braided Pigtails

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