Monday, August 15, 2011

Studying Sucks!

For some people (my friend Tory is a great example) school and book work comes very naturally and they don't have to work very hard to get good grades, I unfortunatly am not one of those people.
My whole life I have had to work extreamly hard if I wanted on the "A Honor Roll" and working hard SUCKS! As you may know I have the attention span of a hummingbird with ADD so studying has never been my strong suit haha.

I have my first exam on Wednesday and it has taken everything in me to sit down and actually look at my book instead of watching YouTube,messing around on  Facebook or any of the other evil media distractions (although I did take a break to type this haha)

Here is a picture of what my "study" workspace looks like....

(as you can see I'm uploading a video to YouTube)

I just wanna say I hate people that don't have to study and make good grades haha
It takes all that ^^ and zero distractions for me to be a halfway decent student.

Anyway I better get back to the books!

Have a good rest of your Monday :)
Love, Lipstick and Heavy Books

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