Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Foundation Brush Love!

I got a new foundation brush yesterday after hearing about it from this girl I watch on YouTube (who would've guessed). Her name is Carah and you can watch her videos here:

Anyway...they brush I'm talking about is the Physicians Formula Kabuki Brush. It cost me right around $12 from Ulta but I'm not real sure where else you can get it because I looked at CVS and they don't sell them :/. It's just a flat top kabuki brush witha brilliant blue handle and really dense, short, soft hairs.

Now on the packaging it says "powder" brush but I didn't really like it for powder one bit, it made me look cakey, but for foundation it is a DREAM. I don't really like applying foundation with a brush because all of the ones I've tried made me look streaky or cakey. NOT THIS ONE! It gives you a nice "air brushed" finish, just dot your face with foundation and gently buff it in using small circular motions.

The only thing I don't like about it is the hairs are extreamly thick and dense so when I wash the brush it seems like it would take FOREVER to dry...but we will see.

I love this brush...whoever thought I would rave about a brush! haha
If any of you have a problem with foundation brushes, get this one!

Oh and if your wondering why I'm posting this so early its because I had some free time before school and I hate just sitting around so..yeah....anyway....have a great Wednesday everyone and have a good day at school all you younger people :)

Love, Lipstick and Brush Love

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