Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First Week of Cosmetology School!

Sorry I've been absent for so long but this past week was my first week of Cosmetology School!!
I go to school from 8am-6:30pm...whew!

It was a pretty tiring week but I also had a lot of fun! We got our uniforms which are purple shirts and black pants...yuck but it could be worse. The other girls in my class are really nice (except some are kinda...crazy) and I made a lot of new friends.

Here is what my Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays are going to look like for the next 12 months:
8:00am-Noon: Book work, homework and tests
12:00-12:30: Lunch (if your late they will kill you haha)
12:30-2:00: Go over the next chapter and what is going to be on our state boards, demonstrations of what we are learning that day (ex. facials)
2:00-5:30: We work on our maniquins or our partners and practice what we are learning on each other. If we have any free time we can wash, dry, style, each other's hair.
5:30-6:30: Daily chores (cleaning up) and grades.

This week we started out doing facials, we learned the proper way to massage a client and the proper steps to giving a facial.

(our Facial kit)

On Friday we also learned a little about makeup application (which I already know most of) and we had a "Fantasy Makeup Challenge" which was SOOOOO FUN!!! Here are some pictures of what everyone looked like...

My partner Kristin, I did her makeup and her hair was HUGE

we look sexy in our Uniforms

Here is what she did on me

2 Other girls in my class Zandalee and Dani

Kristin, Zandalee, Robyn, Me and Dani

I was beyond proud of my work on Friday and I was so excited to see everyone else's projects. I am really loving Cosmo school and I really love attending class with people that like the same things as me and enjoy talking about makeup and hair like I do.

I'm hoping I can film what we are learning that week and post it on my YouTube channel but we will see if they will allow it.
I can't wait to show you guys all of what I'm learning!

Love, Lipstick and Big Hair

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  1. Congrats on what seems to be a nice first week at Cosmetology School. It can be pretty hectic at first. But once you find your pace, you'll be able to do fine. You will be learning a lot of stuff. And getting to do all that stuff can be pretty fun as well. Remember, have fun and be passionate about your classes.