Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Sunday Trip to the Traders Market

My best friend Kim and I went to some "traders market" on Sunday and let me just tell you they had some weird stuff!! Here is our trip in pictures

Love this love seat/chair

Super old organ

An intensly creepy doll! Kim was dancing with it

My awesome old feather hat!

Anyone want a coke?

Ok this next item is so freaking weird that I just stood there with my mouth open when Kim showed it to me...are you ready....

Ok this is a "Birthing Chair" and it has creepy naked babies carved all over it!! I mean could you imagine popping out a kid sitting in that chair? haha What's even more outragous is the price....

Oh yeah that's right, your eyes do not deceive you it is $100,000
I would really like to know how old this chair is but there was no one around, we were literally the only people there!

We had so much fun though and it was definitly entertaining!

Hope you guys have a great evening!!
Love, Lipstick, and Creepy Chairs

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  1. Um, ew is all I can say about the birthing chair...germs galore!!! GA-ROSS!!! lol...plus the price is just insulting!!!