Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Best Friend Tag

I heard about a "tag" video going around YouTube a while back called "the best friend tag" which basically is a bunch of question you and your friend answer about each other.
I thought this sounded like a lot of fun unfourtunatly for me....(or fourtunatly however you wanna look at it) I have more than one best friend!
My best friends that live here are hands down Kim and Colton Newton. Without getting all sappy they are 2 of the funniest, crazies, insane people I know and so of coarse (since I've known Kim longer) I wanted Kim to be in my video!

She adimently refused, I even offered to do her makeup for her....

So Colton stepped right up to the plate and filmed this video with me, I think its pretty funny considering 98% of our friendship is just us being mean to one another haha

Here is a list of the questions we answered, I would love it if you guys would do this tag and send me a video response!

how and when did you meet?

what is your favorite memory together?

describe each other in one word.

what’s your dream job?

what’s your favorite makeup brand?

what is something that annoys you about the other person?

if you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

what is your favorite inside joke?

who takes longer to get ready?

favorite season?

favorite song?

what’s it like being friends with someone who’s obsessed with youtube?

heels or flats?

pants or dresses?

what is something weird that you eat?

do you guys have anything matching?

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Love, Lipstick, and "Best Friends"

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