Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Years Winter Trend: Hats With Ears?

Fashion is always evolving and changing and every season there is a new "trend" that pops out, and either you love, love, love it or completely hate it!

This winter a trend that you are going to see a lot is hats with fur and ears. Like these pictures below....

This hat makes me want...a sucker?
I really like them, I especially like the bottom one and I could actually see myself wearing it, even though people would look at me like I've lost my mind, (especially Scott). But seriously....I will probably jump on the "ear hat" band wagon at some point this winter. In my perfect "ear hat" world I would find a solid white one or a solid black one but that will be hard to find! I did however find a hat at Hot Topic that was like a buffalo head! Here is picture of it...

I thought this hat was HILARIOUS! I have no desire to own this hat but I'm sure I will see an emo kid or 2 wearing it once the first snow hits!

So tell me what you think...will you be rocking the animal hat or would your rather be dead than wear one of these babies haha!

Love, Lipstick, and Dog Ears

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