Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So You Want To Smell Like a Cupcake

People ask me all the time (mostly girls) what kind of perfume I use and they say I smell like a cupcake!
For years I was on the search for the perfect "bakery" smelling lotion and body spray and everything I found was really disappointing!

In my opinion a lot of vanilla smelling products smell fake and musky! Which is a big fat no for me!
Then one day I was in Victoria's Secret looking for some lipgloss (I love their Beauty Rush Coffee lipgloss) and I came across this lotion and spray called "Coconut Passion" I was a little skeptical because a lot of coconut products smell really strong and kind of plasticy but this.....oh man is smells EXACTLY like cake!

This is how they describe it on the website

Seduce with Coconut Passion®, a rendezvous of rich vanilla and warm coconut.

Experience the luxury of fragrant hydration. Intensive formula is fortified with replenishing avocado and sweet almond oils, plus hydrating honey. Massage on for rich, 24-hour moisture, focusing on dry, rough areas. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.

I can't go on enough how much I love the smell of these 2 products! I apply the lotion at night after I take a shower and it is SOOO moisturizing expecially in this Texas dryness! When I crawl (sometimes literally) into bed afterwards I can smell the warm vanilla and coconut scent as I fall asleep! Even when I wake up in the morning I can still smell it, and apply the body spray before school for a little extra kick! One thing I like about these products is while they have a strong smell it's not over powering to the point where your saying to yourself "jeeze did I take a bath in icing". Plus they last a really long time, I have had the lotion at least 2-3 months and I still have 1/4 (or more) of a bottle left and the spray has gone down only about an inch!

So if you wanna smell like me (or maybe just a cupcake) then these 2 products are your go to!

Love, Lipstick, and Vanilla Coconut!

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