Friday, September 30, 2011

Best Shampoo for Ariel Hair

If you read my blog you'll know yesterday I posted a blog on dying your hair red!
So it's very fitting that today I tell you how to take care of it! Here are 2 of my favorite products for red hair!

They are both by Bed Head and one is the Color Goddess Shampoo for Red Hair and the other is the Color Goddess Leave-In Conditioner for Red Hair. These 2 products will greatly extend the lenght of your color by at least a few weeks (which in red dyeland is like a year haha).

They are on the expensive side being $20 a bottle...but but..they are worth every penny! Plus they smell like cookies, so double score!!

Now for a few tips for extending the length of your dye, whether you dye it yourself or go get it done who wants to wash time and money down the drain?!

First-always wash your hair in cool water and rinse it in cold
Second- Don't wash your hair everyday! Not only are you literally washing money down the drain but washing your hair everyday makes it really brittle and dry I suggest a dry shampoo. Try Psst brand ($7), TGI Rockaholic ($18), or Pantene ($8)
Third- Try not to use heat on your hair everyday because this will make your hair dull and brassy
Fourth- Reduce sun exposure! UV rays can dull color.
Lastly- Once a week use a deep conditioning mask. Hair that is soft and moist grabs and holds color better! I really like the Henna and Placenta Mask from CVS ($2) I know it sounds gross but it's AMAZING!

I hope these tips help!
Love, Lipstick and Red Hair

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