Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Levi's: My Letter To A Pair of Pants

Dear Levi Jeans,

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! In case you haven't heard this before you are amazing!
We recently met at my local Kohl's store (but I know you are also online at because I desperatly needed a new pair of jeans without holes in them. I looked at you from across the denim section and thought "wow those are really nice" and proceeded to shyly walk over to you. I noticed you came in skinny which is pretty much the only style of pant I wear..I was so happy! We exchanged a few some witty banter like "oh do you come in my size?" and "how much" we ran into a snag in our friendship when you told me I was yours for the "low, low price" of $50 but...I shoved that aside and  I picked you up and took you into the dressing room with me anyway. Just because I tried you on doesn't mean we are married right?

 I slipped you on and....oh were the best fitting pair of jeans I had ever tried on in my life! And talk about comfortable.... You didn't squeeze me in any weird places and your fabric was so soft I thought I died and went to pant heaven! At this point I had no problems with buying you for $50 because I knew we would be friends for a very long time!

And so I took you to the register, paid for you and happily carried you home! You are one of the best purchases ever and I can't wait to show you off! Here are some pictures I took of you just in case you were wondering......

(this picture I got off the website)
Thanks for becoming my new best friend Levi jeans! You won't be sorry!
Love, Lipstick, and Jean Love!

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