Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall/Winter Shoes!

Fall upon us and winter is quickly approching (whether I want it to or not) so now is the time to start slowly getting your fall and winter staples. What's winter without boots? Boring....that's what it is! Here are a few hot trends this season, where you can get them and how much they cost.

First of a few of my favorite styles from

This is the "Slinger" it comes in 2 shades the "Vintage Worn" which is a chocolate brown color and the "Roadtrip" which is black. It's a knee-high western style boot made of faux suede
These are actually on sale for $39.99 so I'm not sure how much longer they will be available so HURRY

Next is a shoe I actually own, it's the Satire it comes in 3 shades and fabrics:
Rider-which is a black faux leather fabric
Tumbled-a dark brown faux leather
Winkled-a dark mustard faux suede
I have the Rider boot and let me tell you they are so comfortable and have great arch support! They cost $69.95

Lastly on this website is the Chomper Washed Canvas. They come in 2 colors Black and Cream and they come up to the mid calf area! I LOVE THIS SHOE and I might have to buy a pair haha They will run you $79.95

Next up is a couple shoes I like from
This shoe is Shi by Journeys and they are a heeled boot! The sadly only come in one color but they are only $54.99

This shoe is also Shi by Journeys but they are called "Rosey Boot" and they come in 2 colors black and brown. They are lined with a fleece lining and cost $59.99

Now lastly if you like a little higher priced brands this last website is for you! These shoes I found at

First is the Leah Cognac boot which comes in black and a warm tan color.They are a faux leather and will set you back $89.95

Next is the Axxle Cognac LE and it comes in Black and Brown and your in luck it's on sale for $97.97

Lastly is a boot I saw online that I thought was so outrageous I had to include goes....
These shoes are from and they have all kinds of crazy shoes! These are The Sam Edelman Zoe Boot and they will look awesome on your feet for $200!

I hope you found something you like! Let me know your pick!
Love, Lipstick, and Shoes

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