Thursday, September 29, 2011

If It's Red Hair You Want....

As you all know I like my hair pretty Little Mermaid Ariel red! Withough giving away my dye secrets (that's only for me and my stylist to know) I am going to to let ya'll in on another great brand of semi-perminant hair color!

This brand is great if you want BOLD hair...and when I say bold I mean..."oh jeezus your hair is red" bold! And that brand is Manic Panic. You can check out their website or I know most Sally's Beauty Supply Stores sells them too!
I first tried this brand when I was living down in Houston and couldn't get to the hair dresser and it is pretty dang good!

The red I like and is closest to a true red is their Amplified Manic Panic Infra Red Cream Dye. It is RED! They also have a pretty orangey red called Wildfire but I don't like orangey reds because they fade to a gross pumkin/brown color!

1. Put an old or dark colored pillowcase on your pillow unless you want your granny's white pillowcase that she gave you before she died to turn pink!
2. Cover all surfaces (counters, floor, ect.) with either towels or plastic wrap or something because this dye will stain anything it comes in contact with!
3. Always wear old clothes and plastic gloves when coloring your hair
4. Wrap your shoulders in an old towel just in case anyting drips.
5. Apply Vaseline to your hairline, ears and the back of your neck so dye won't run into your eyes or on your face.
6. Section your hair into 4 sections and apply dye on your roots first and then the tips parting it in small sections as you go.
7. When rinsing this dye out cover your kitchen sink with tin foil to reduce stains I know this sounds strange but you will have a pink sink (that rhymes) if you don't
8. Rinse your hair with warm water until it runs clear, shampoo twice, condition, and rinse with cold...and I mean icey...water.
9. For the next 2 weeks you will need to wash your hair as little as possible to prevent fading! I would suggest investing in a good dry shampoo.
10. Wash your hair in cool water and ALWAYS rinse it in cold water! I know this sounds aweful but it will make your color last twice as long because, like with laundry, if you wash it in hot water it's gonna run!

I'm thinking of filming a video on dying your hair...if you would be interested in this let me know :)
If you dye your hair send me a picture!

Love, Lipstick and Ariel Hair

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