Monday, September 26, 2011

Olay Complete Sensitive Skin Daily Moisturizer

This review is going to be short and here goes....

I rarely review products I don't like so obviously I like this moisturizer haha It is perfect for my really dry, really sensitive skin!
I bought this from CVS for I think around $8? It is not greasy or sticky which I LOVE and it absorbs into my skin really quickly without making it look oily! It also has an SPF of 15 which is great for my "Snow White" skin tone haha

I've tried a lot and I mean A LOT of moisturizers and this one is the best daily moisturizer hands down! I apply this in the morning after I wash my face and it is the best!! I would recomend this for anyone who has sensitive, acne prone, irritated, or dry skin!

If you have used this before tell me what you think and if you buy it tell me if you love it too! Tomorrow is Video Tuesday and I have a video surpise for all of ya'll that like my Cosmetology School stuff! Tune in Tomorrow to find out :)

Love, Lipstick and Lotion


  1. Im looking for this one, where did you buy this?

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